What we do

What we do

Always looking to the future of aquaculture

Frost Innovation team emphasizes development in harmony with the environment without compromising on local biodiversity. More than 20 years of experience from Asia, Latin America and Africa provides a solid platform for proper concerns related to developing a wholistic approach for development.

Our approach includes assessment of training needs, provision of hands-on training of local resources to cope with planned scaling of activities. Frost Innovation team provide services and share expertise for planning, designing, building, operating and training for activities ranging from genetic enhancement, hatchery, nursery, grow-out, development of appropriate protocols for cost efficient production given local access to inputs, logistics, processing and marketing. Hence, a wholistic and seamless approach for creating a platform for sustainable and profitable growth over time involving multiple stakeholders.

Some of our services

  • Project design, planning and development
  • Financial modelling and projections
  • Elaborating and defining financial instruments and incentives for entrepreneurs
  • Project implementation, training and commissioning of operations
  • Assisting policy makers developing sector policies and strategies
  • Project evaluations
  • Fish Health Management
  • Impact studies
  • Selection and development of new strains
  • Traceability

Know our Value Chain



Frost Innovation team has extensive experiences from policy advisory to goverments ranging from overall fish farming development matters to more specific topics such as harmonization of seed quality, certifications and tracebility.

Frost Innovation offers assistance to private companies planning to invest in aquaculture ventures. Our long and wide are built into our financial and economical modelling services and our depth analyses combined with implementation assistance will strengthen project viability.



Frost Innovation team has combined a lifetime experience from designing, develop and operate breeding nucleus.

This includes the Famous GIFT program for Nile tilapia as well as genetic enhancement programs in Asia and Africa.

Our team masters the science behind developing a robust genetic platform as well as contemporary molecular and numeric tools, everyday fish handling and fish health management and operations.



Frost Innovation team has long experience planning and implementing strategies for optimal broodstock production.

This includes selection and adaptation to local environments as well as implementing optimal strategies for protection of propertary rights.



Seed quality is determined by a combination of efforts and Frost Innovation team offers a complete approach to optimal hatchery operations.

Protocols for quality production are developed based on the philosophy that high survival and profit margines are fully correlated to quality seeds.

Our systems provides a platform for traceability and certification of seeds.



Satellite nurseries may be developed to cover a larger geographic area without compromising cost or quality.

Sales of seeds to pond farmers as well as juveniles to cage farmers.

Frost Innovation also offers colaboration with pharmaceuticals for sale of pre-vaccinated juveniles a possibility.



Frost Innovation offers a wide range of technical assistance to players in the integrated value chain.

We offer Tailor-made protocols based on general experience as well as protocols aligned and optimized to the genetic material, feed and environment used in each separated case.

Services also include designing and planning of greenfield projects including financial and economic modelling.

Training of personnel throughout the value chain including veterinary training and fish healt management plans.



Frost Innovation team has a long and diverse experience from grow-out activities from all over the world and takes pride in developing protocols and systems that ensures farmers profitability.

Frost innovation team has experience from large scale industrial cage and pond operations asb well as from developing integrated small scale systems.

Frost Innovation team has also been instrumental in developing and paving the way for developing systems for young entrepeneurs to embark on fish farming.



Frost innovation team offers a wide experience optimising farming activities to the right market segment.

This includes identification of the optimal market segment and working backwards to optimise grow-out and procesing, maximizing profit in each step of the value chain.

A key element in our work is optimization of chain activities and logistics to make healthy fish products affordable and prefereable among consumers.


We are a group of dedicated professionals covering all aspects of the aquaculture value chain as well as providing strategic and policy guidance to decision makers.