Our experiences

Our experiences

Experiences from four continents

Frost Innovation team has been involved in developing aquaculture projects at all levels through the world. Some of them are the basis for the aquaculture as is known today.

Some of our experiences

Our team has been central in establishing, developing and preserving the GIFT tilapia strain. Dr. Eknath was the one to travel African countries and collect the base population. Mr. Høyum was responsible for lifting the GIFT strain to generation 24 with scientific support from Dr. Hans Mangus Gjøen and Dr. Eknath. DNA services were developed and secured in collaboration with Temasek Life Sciences in Singapore

Team members have since been involved in and responsible for a number of genetic enhancement programs including Salmon, Cod and Salt tolerant tiliapia. 

Frost Innovation has a long and strong collaboration with the Faculty of Bioscience at The Norwegian University of Life Sciences. One of the world leading professors in optimisation of breeding designs in fish, Prof. Hans Magnus Gjøen is a great support for our team.

Frost Innovation was subcontracted by the Institute of Marine Research in Norway (IMR – Havforskningsinstituttet) to design, initiate and operate the Research Centre in Aquaculture (CEPAQ – Centro de Pesquisa em Aquacultura) located in Chókwè, Gaza province, in the southern region of Mozambique,  from 2012 to 2020.

Guillermo Torres designed, in collaboration with the Fisheries Research Institute from Mozambique (IIP – Instituto de Investigaçao Pesqueira) and the NMBU in Norway, the breeding platform as a part of his Master Thesis at NMBU. 

He and Alberto Halare were responsible for selecting, screening and initiation the genetic program from 2016 to 2020. The programme included introduction of contemporary DNA tools in selection as well as hands-on training of local staff. 

The team has extensive experience from hatchery planning, development and operations. These operations ranging from some of the world largest hatcheries producing up to billion fry per annum to small scale state-of-the-art hatcheries. 

The team has been involved in a number of hatchery operations in four continents as well as developing strategies and policies for quality assurance. The beginning of a successful aquaculture chain development starts with quality seeds.

Our team covers most aspects related to building a strong value chain for tropical aquaculture and the additional challenges industry development faces in developing countries.  

Combined our team cover a complete set of skills necessary to analyse and propose solutions for most kind of aquaculture development. The team has vast experience from policy and sector development. Experiences include private sector development strategies and incentives. Regulations and strategies related to preservation of biodiversity and environment reflecting climate change. 

Frost Innovation and the team have a long and strong collaboration with the University of Life Science in Norway.

Prof. Hans Magnus Gjøen is a great scientific support for our team as well as guiding client personnel through master studies. 

Frost Innovation has also had master students doing their thesis on development of entrepreneurs in aquaculture in Africa.